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Licensing Upgrade Options


Products offered by AEDREON CORP support a full range of upgradable options, this is done by issuing encrypted license files/firmwares provided on USB dongles.


Hardware upgradable options such as various modulation standard upgrades for our Digital TV modulator hardwares require our customer to run the firmware upgrade application provided on the USB dongle. This will updates the firmware and installs the license file onto the modulator.

Purchasable licensing upgrades are listed on individual product's webpage page. (All the modulators comes standard with ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-H, DVB-T and QAM A/B/C)


Software upgradable options such as various Encoder/Transcoder Filter for our professinal AXcode application requires customer to plug in the USB dongle to gain access to the extended options within the application. For more information or to request a full list of software upgradable options, please contact us at: